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IFC Solutions is a globally recognized supplier of

We excel in delivering custom color solutions with certified and/or natural colors in a diverse selection of carriers.  Our liquid and dispersed colors are cost effective, convenient to use and add an improved level of control in production eliminating any potential cross contamination due to dusting.

Our palette of Coloreze natural and organic colorants is the broadest in the cosmetic industry offering the flexibility to select the appropriate colorant(s) for an application with the confidence that over 600 customers worldwide rely on our 80 years of knowledge and experience to ensure success.

We offer a full range of FD&C/D&C dyes and lakes and inorganic pigments.  WOL colors are water soluble certified dyes pre-solubilized for use in oil.  WOL colors retain color clarity producing a brighter and much larger palette of colorants available for coloring oil based systems.  We can modify the colors and concentrations depending on potential usage.

As an Organic Tilth certified facility, we can receive “Certified Organic” products for contract blending or repacking while retaining organic status.  We ship globally.

We deliver a fast turnaround on orders, small minimums and we don’t charge extra for custom blends.

Contact us for more information by calling 908-862-8810 or by emailing us at


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