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Food Colors, Release/Anti-Stick Agents, Lecithins and Candy Polishes for Cannabis Manufacturing

IFC has been supplying the confectionary and baking industries with quality ingredients and processing aides since 1939. As more and more states legalize cannabis-based products, our decades of experience in these industries is helping manufacturers address the challenges of producing cannabis-based gummies, hard candies, gum, chocolates and baked goods at scale.

IFC provides one of the largest libraries of FDA Approved Colorants, including natural and organic options, and we excel at blending shelf-stable powders, liquids, pastes or proprietary ColorBitsTM.

Our expertise includes the application of heat-stable formulations for high-temperature production processes, and we can fine-tune colors to be bright and attractive while remaining within legal standards and addressing child-safety concerns.

If you have trouble with products sticking to each other or to production equipment during manufacturing, IFC has expertise in the application of release agents and anti-stick products to improve product quality and reduce cleaning and changeover time. For especially sticky challenges, we customize formulations at no additional cost.

Our lecithin offerings include both liquids and powders. Whether you’re using them for emulsification, improved “mouth feel” or shelf stability, we can meet allergen-free, non-GMO and Certified Organic standards.

Additionally, IFC offers Contract Blending Services so we can blend powders, liquids, and pastes to your exact specifications using our food-grade stainless steel blending equipment.

Due to differing state and federal laws, we are not able to blend ingredients that include THC. But if you have a project where you are looking to have finished products blended for you, or want ingredients pre-blended for your own production, let us know.

IFC Solutions products and services for cannabis manufacturers industry include:

IFC offers low minimums, fast turn arounds and unparalleled customer service. Let us know how we can help you. We look forward to meeting your needs.

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