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Mineral Pigments for Food Coloring

Mineral Pigment Color Additives for Stable, Strong Food Colorants

iron oxideDerived from mineral sources, mineral pigments create some of the strongest and most stable food colorants available. They are exempt from FDA Batch Certification and can be blended with other colors to provide opacity, color effects, and unique shades.

Each type of mineral pigment from IFC Solutions is FDA approved as a color additive in food products, and includes:

Product E Numbers Description
Titanium Dioxide E171 Also referred to as TiO2, it is considered to be the best white colorant and opacifier on the market for food products.
Calcium Carbonate E170 Approved for limited food applications, such as candy and mints, calcium carbonate is the only other FDA approved white colorant besides TiO2. IFC Solutions has created several proprietary blends using Calcium Carbonate as a base to improve its opacity.
Iron Oxides E172 A synthetically derived mineral that has excellent light, heat and shelf stability. It can be used for limited applications in candy, sausage casings and pet food. These come in Red, Yellow, and Black options.
(Mica-based Pearlescent)
E171 / E555 These colorants give products a glittery, metallic, silky visual effect. ColorGlo™ colorants are FDA approved for cereals, confections, frostings, supplement capsules, and some beverages and are widely used in in Cosmetics.

IFC Solutions is able to leverage the benefits of mineral pigments in a variety of ways to produce enhanced food coloring options. Employing our unique blending capabilities, we combine the coloring strength of mineral pigments with other powder blends to create custom color shades in powder format. For dispersions and pastes, mineral pigments increase concentration and eliminate dusting problems common to powder formats.

Working with a variety of mineral pigments, IFC Solutions can produce custom food colorants on demand to meet your production needs.

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