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Cosmetic Pigments in Formats to Match Your Unique Production Requirements

IFC Solutions offers cosmetic pigments in the formats you require. Produced on demand in our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to meet your specifications. Large and small batches alike can be customized by format so you always receive the quality and consistency you require, for your cosmetic and personal care coloring applications.

All colorants are available in several different formats, including:

Powder Blends
Highly concentrated colorant powders used for blending to achieve a desired shade, or used as is.

Liquids & Dispersions
Pourable colorants available in thousands of different shades with no customization fee. We can blend these into any FDA approved carrier you wish including oils, water, glycerin, silicones, and glycols.

Highly concentrated dispersed color.

Powder Bits™
Fine, pre-mixed color and medium that’s easily measured and incorporated into a formulation With significantly reduced dusting compared to traditional powders.

IFC Solutions leverages its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and 20+ years of cosmetic industry experience to match your existing colors, assist you in developing new shades, and to create entirely custom formulations.

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