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The market for organic and natural ingredients and colors has evolved rapidly as demand for products that fit a healthy lifestyle have grown. IFC Solutions carries one of the largest libraries of certified organic and natural ingredients and colors to meet diverse specifications in the food, cosmetics, nutraceutical, personal care, and pet food industries.

IFC Solutions offers you a wide range of natural and certified organic products, including:

  • Natural Food Colors
  • Natural Cosmetic Colors
  • Natural Food Anti-Stick Products
  • Natural Lecithins
  • Natural Vegetable Oils and Ingredients
  • RSPO Glycerin
  • Certified Organic and Organic Compliant Food Colors
  • Certified Organic Food Anti-Stick Products
  • Certified Organic Lecithins
  • Certified Organic Vegetable Oils and Ingredients
  • Certified Organic Glycerin

Technical Bulletins

We also offer custom and Contract Blending of Natural and Certified Organic ingredients to help you meet your production requirements.

While the FDA does not have a formal definition of the term “natural” products, IFC Solutions still commits to providing high quality ingredients and colors that meet consumer demands for healthy, minimally processed products.

Organic ingredients and colors, on the other hand, are highly regulated around the world. IFC Solutions offers FDA-approved, Organic Certified and Organic Compliant ingredients and colors, which we can customized to meet specific requirements.

As colorant and specialty ingredient experts, IFC Solutions takes pride in helping our clients navigate the expanding and evolving natural and organic landscape. For high quality Organic and Natural ingredients and colors, contact IFC Solutions today.

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