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Natural Colorants to Attract Healthy Minded Customers

Growth in the natural products industry has led to great interest in natural ingredients. While the FDA does not have a legal definition for the term “Natural” when it comes to Colorants, it is commonly understood that colorants Not Subject to Batch Certification that are derived from fruits, vegetables, plants and spices are considered as Natural. IFC Solutions offers a full line of FDA-approved Natural Colorants for use in cosmetic and personal care products.

Committed to meeting our customers growing needs, IFC Solutions continues to expand its extensive range of high quality Natural Colorant options.

The group of Approved Colorants below can be combined to produce a wide range of shades customized to meet your specifications.

Product Color Index Number
Annatto 75120
Caramel N/A
Red Carmine 75470
Pink Carmine 75470
Purple Carmine 75470
ß-Carotene 40800 / 75130

These Cosmetic Colors from IFC Solutions are available in powder, liquid, dispersion, and paste formats.

Natural carriers for the liquids and dispersions can include specialty lecithins, glycerin (vegetable derived), glycerin gel, and other FDA Approved options you desire. Additionally, we can also offer these in Non-GMO formats as well.

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