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Custom Food Coloring for Food Production

Customize Your Food Colors by Format, Shade, Concentration and Carrier to Meet Your Needs

IFC Solutions works closely with customers to match specifications for food coloring requirements for the manufacture of food products. With more than a quarter of a century serving the food and related industries, we are able produce unique food colorants on demand, affording significant flexibility in order size to meet your production requirements.

Our Natural colors, FD&C colors, Certified Organic and Organic Compliant colors, and Pearlescent colors are all available in a wide range of physical properties, allowing you to select the formats, shades, concentrations and carriers you need.

Choose from liquid colors, pigment dispersions, emulsions, paste colors, powder colors, and Color Bits™

Choose from thousands of pre-blended shades, with customization for nearly any shade imaginable

While our colors tend to be highly concentrated, IFC Solutions can still develop custom concentrations for nearly any food product

Choose from any FDA approved carrier, such as water, glycerin, propylene glycol, sucrose, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and more

IFC Solutions has over 75 years of experience blending custom food coloring ingredients and will work with you to find the perfect formulation for your food products.

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