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Food Colors, Lecithins and Release Agents for Plant-based Proteins and Meat Analogs

The production of plant-based meat substitutes presents unique challenges – especially the need for certain products, such as beef and chicken analogs, to change color while cooking.

IFC Solutions has worked with food manufacturers since 1939 to achieve just the right appearance and texture for their valuable recipes. That experience is especially helpful for producing foods that need to look like something they’re not.

Our industry-leading library of FDA Approved Colorants includes water-based and fat-based options that we can blend into shelf-stable powders, liquids, or pastes.

Whether you are looking to create a meat analogue product that changes shade when heated (e.g. burger patties or chicken breast), keeps its shade no matter how the consumer likes it cooked (e.g. sausages or hotdogs), or just looks deliciously raw (e.g. tuna or salmon), we have color options to suit your needs and consumers’ expectations.

To help blend ingredients during your production process, we offer sunflower, canola, and soy-based lecithins in both liquid and powder formats. These natural and organic emulsifiers can help you adjust mouth feel, improve shelf stability, and prevent sticking during the cooking process. IFC can help you meet Allergen-Free, Non-GMO or Certified Organic standards; and provide formulations to troubleshoot the mixing of fat- and water-based ingredients.

As with traditional meat proteins, plant-based proteins can have issues sticking to equipment when heated or cooked. Our release agents and non-stick solutions help increase profitability by reducing waste, improving manufacturing consistency, and reducing cleaning and changeover time. So, if you are experiencing product sticking in mixing vessels, conveyors or even on cutting equipment, we have solutions that can save you time and keep your production moving.

IFC also offers Contract Blending Services so we can blend products to your exact specifications in our SQF, Kosher and Organic Certified facility. We have expertise in blending powders, liquids, and pastes using our food-grade stainless steel blending equipment.

IFC Solutions products and services for manufacturers of plant-based proteins include:

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