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ColorGlo™: Achieve Creative Color Effects

Pearlescent pigments and colorants represent IFC Solutions’ most creative line of product offerings for the cosmetics industry. Pearlescent pigments are titanium dioxide and mica-based powders and concentrates that create effects in your products from a subtle shimmer to a sparkling diamond.

To meet your specific manufacturing requirements, Pearlescent Pigments are available in a variety of particle sizes and interference hues. You may also select from the following formats:

  • Powder Blends: Blended with FD&C, D&C or Natural Colorants
  • Dispersions and Pastes: A blend of FDA-approved carrying media and colorants to achieve the desired shade, viscosity and effect.

Pearlescent colorants provide eye-catching appeal and set your products apart from the competition. For exciting new looks, IFC Solutions will work with you to develop custom blends and shades to meet your specifications.

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