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Food Coloring Formats

Get the Food Coloring Format to Meet Your Production Needs

IFC Solutions produces a wide range of food coloring formats that simplify the coloring of nearly any food product. Ease of use, application compatibility, and cost considerations are all determining factors in the food coloring format you need. Whatever your requirements, IFC Solutions will work with you to determine the best formulation for your production needs.

food color formatsOur food coloring formats can be customized by shade, carrier, concentration and packaging.

Food coloring formats include:

  • Powder Dyes and Pigments
  • Powder Color Blends
  • Liquid Color Concentrates
  • Pigment Dispersions
  • Paste Colors
  • Color Emulsions (water soluble dyes dispersed into oils)
  • Color Bits™ (proprietary non-aqueous concentrated color flakes for hard candy and taffy applications)

IFC Solutions brings many years of experience to the table when helping you to fulfill your production needs for food coloring. We’ll help you to find a solution that works to enhance your production efficiencies, enabling you to reduce raw material costs, labor costs, and messes by utilizing the appropriate food coloring format for your applications.

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