Liquid Food Color

COLOREZETM Liquid Colors & Pigments Dispersions

Liquid Colors: Water soluble solutions made from Dyes blended into FDA approved carriers.

Pigment Dispersions: Made with non-soluble Pigments dispersed into vegetable oils (for fat based products) or suspensions for panning.

Liquid Colors and Pigment Dispersions are available using:

The Benefits of using Liquid Colors or Pigments Dispersions from IFC Solutions:

  • Ease of use – IFC’s pre-blended concentrates eliminate the mess and dispersion challenges associated with using Powder Food Color.
  • Cost-effective – IFC pre-blended concentrates generate significant cost savings (upwards to 30%) compared to the cost of color concentrates marketed by the major color manufacturers.
  • Customization – IFC will work with you to develop custom shades that meet your specific manufacturing requirements at no extra charge!
  • Flexibility – Small orders of custom shades are not a problem! Generally, we can produce as little as one gallon of a Liquid Color or Pigment Dispersion!

Colors Available from IFC Solutions:

We have literally thousands of Liquid Color and Lake Dispersion formulations on file – each can be produced on demand, usually within a few days of your order.

Moreover, we are happy to match your existing colors or formulate new custom shades for specific applications!

There is no extra charge for custom blends!

At IFC Solutions, our specialty is working with our customers to provide them with Food Color products that meet their specific requirement with regard to:

  • Type of color used (e.g. Natural, FD&C, Organic, Pearlescent, etc.)
  • Carrier used
  • Shade
  • Concentration
  • Packaging

Packaging Options for Liquid colors and Pigment Dispersions produced by IFC Solutions

  • 1 Gallon Jugs
  • 5 Gallon Plastic Pails
  • 55 Gallon Drums (Metal or Plastic available)


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