Dissolve Sugar

SUGAR-EEZTM Sugar Dissolving Lubricant

The manufacture of many confectionery items, baked goods and sweetened food product often is hampered by the build-up of sugar particles on processing equipment and wrapping machinery.

SUGAR-EEZ™ is a unique food grade, Kosher product that performs two distinct functions. It:

  1. SUGAR-EEZ™ acts to prevent sugar build-up when applied to and maintained on your equipment.
  2. SUGAR-EEZ™ dissolves sugar on equipment where there already has been build up.

Apply SUGAR-EEZ™ directly to your processing or wrapping equipment using a rag, brush or spray bottle to dissolve sugar that has accumulated.

Maintain a thin film of SUGAR-EEZ™ on the equipment at all times to prevent build-up. A little goes a very long way. Usage levels will vary based upon the type of product being manufactured and the climate (i.e. temperature and humidity).


  1. Economical and extremely easy to use!
  2. Helps prevent shut down of processing and wrapping equipment due to sugar build-up.
  3. Effectively reduces labor costs associated with maintaining your equipment.

White Liquid



One gallon plastic jugs (8 pounds net)
Five gallon plastic pails (40 pounds net)

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