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IFC Solutions provides samples are supplied free of charge to qualified organizations providing detailed information about their requirements. To determine which of our many products will best meet your requirements, please call to speak to us directly about your application(s) so that the samples we send out will be useful to you.

Please call us Toll Free at (800) 875-9393 weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm EST.
From outside the United States, please call us at (908) 862-8810 or fax us at (908) 862-8825.
We may also be reached by e-mail at, but strongly recommend you call us to speak with our professionals to ensure we fully understand your specific needs.

Food Color Samples

Typical packaging for our COLOREZE™ Food Color Concentrates is a 5 gallon pail.
If you only use a pound or two of food color concentrate at a time, we may not be the best resource for you. If this is the case, we would recommend that you contact a local bakery or confectionery supply distributor. They will have food color in smaller packaging.

We do custom pack in one gallon containers (our smallest packaging size), but there is Small Order Surcharge which depends upon the product format and how many gallons you order.

When you call, please be ready to supply the following information:

  1. What type of products do you produce? e.g. “We manufacture lollipops and hard candy.”
  2. What are you currently using for food color and in what size containers? e.g. “We buy water based liquids in one gallon jugs.”
  3. What is your current source of food color? What is your average order size? e.g. “We buy from the XYZ company. We normally buy 12 one gallon jugs at a time of Red, and Blue, and 4 gallons each of Yellow and Orange.”
  4. For Liquids Colors and Lake dispersions, what medium do you want the color dispersed into? e.g. Water, or glycerin or vegetable oil.

Custom Formulations

At IFC Solutions, we specialize in developing custom formulations to meet specific manufacturing requirements. While there is no extra charge for custom blends, there are minimum order quantities which must be achieved for us to make your custom product.

Domestic vs. International Samples

IFC Solutions normally sends samples out via regular ground UPS, at our own expense, to qualified companies located within the Continental United States.

For companies located outside of the United States, IFC Solutions requires the recipient arrange and pay for all freight. If you have a preferred freight forwarder or courier service, please supply us with their name and phone number, and the name of your contact there. We will arrange to have the samples sent to them for forwarding on to you.

We are pleased to email information on freight costs using international couriers with whom we work. You may wire transfer the funds or mail us a check in U.S. funds to cover the cost of the courier.

Upon receipt of the funds, we will send out the samples. The samples themselves are free of charge.

We look forward to adding you to our family of satisfied customers!

Please call us toll free at (800) 875-9393 for free samples of any of our products

IFC Solutions International Sample Policy

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