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Additional sample request information located on the following page.


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The information requested below helps us select samples most likely to meet your needs.

1. What food product or ingredient is sticking to what surface?:
(i.e. molten hard candy sticking to a copper kettle, smoked ham sticking to cotton netting material, caramel sticking to a stainless steel belt, sugar build-up sticking to equipment, etc.)

2. Liquid, Paste, or Solid Format Preference
Our Food Anti-Stick are available in the following formats. Please check all formats that might be appropriate for our application.
LUBES™ & LIQUIDS (sprayable/brushable)
SPREDS™ (paste)
RUBS™ (solid)

3. Allergen-Free?
Most of our Anti-Stick formulations are considered "Allergen-Free" because they are made without Soy Lecithin (considered an allergen by the FDA). If "Soy" is already an ingredient on your product label you can save money by purchasing a release agent that contains Soy Lecithin rather than a more expensive non-soy lecithin.
My finished product is allergen-free. I require an Allergen-Free Release Agent

4. Trans Fats?
My finished product is Trans Fat-Free. I require a Trans Fat-Free Release Agent. Some products have a 55 gallon minimum (in pails or drum). May significantly increase the price compared to release agents containing trans fats.

5. Certified Organic?
My finished product is Certified Organic. I require a Certified Organic Release Agent 55 gallon minimum (in pails or drum). Significantly increases the price compared to non-organic release agents.

6. Non-GMO / GMO-Free?
My finished product is Non-GMO/GMO-Free. I require a Non-GMO/GMO-Free Release Agent55 gallon minimum (in pails or drum). Significantly increases the price compared to GMO release agents.

7. Number of Samples?
We will typically provide you with a sample (16 oz jar) of each release agent we believe could be helpful for your application based on the requirements you specify above. If you prefer that we send you a limited number of samples, please specify below.
Please limit the number of samples you send me to:


The manufacture of many food and confectionery products is a continuous battle against sticking during numerous stages of manufacturing. Some common surfaces that food products and ingredients often stick to include:

Trays Netting Transfer Pans Racks/Screens Packaging Equipment Extruders
Belts Kettles Steam Tables Accumulators Cutting Equipment Conveyors

IFC Solutions has been solving sticky food processing problems for over 70 years! Using the information you provide on the attached Questionnaire, we will send you product samples that have proven their effectiveness in similar applications.
It’s been our experience that one or more of the samples we send to a prospective customer will solve their sticking problem over 80% of the time.
However, if none of the initial samples are exactly what you need, we work with you to develop custom formulations to meet your requirements.
There is no additional charge for custom blends!

Our definition of the "best" release agent is:
The formulation that is the most effective at the lowest cost!
Your thorough evaluation and useful feedback on samples we send will help us determine the "best" solution to your sticking problem.

Making specific recommendations to prospective customers is very difficult due to the significant number of variables that may impact why a food product sticks to a contact surface.

With so many variables, it is impossible to predict which specific release agent will be the most effective in any given process. The unfortunate reality is that the food release agent business is mostly an exercise in trial and error.

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