Natural Vegetable Oils and Ingredients

“Natural” Vegetable Oils and Ingredients

At IFC Solutions, we source a wide variety of “Natural” ingredients for use in our own products as well as the products that we contract blend for other companies.

The following is an abbreviated listing of some of the more popular Natural items we carry.  Please note that we are not set up to handle small orders of most items and that our minimums vary from item to item.

Vegetable Oils

Canola Oil ¹ ²                                                                                                                                   ¹ Organic
Corn Oil  ²                                                                                                                                         ² Non-GMO
Cottonseed Oil (Fully Hydrogenated Flakes)  ²
Soybean Oil (Refined, bleached and deodorized)  ¹  ²

Misc. “Natural” Ingredients
Citric Acid
Calcium Carbonate
Corn Starch
Glycerin  ¹ ²
Non-GMO Glycerin
Certified Organic Glycerin
Specialty Lecithins (Including Non-GMO and Certified Organic)
Rapeseed/Canola Lecithin  ¹  ²
Soy Lecithin  ¹
Sunflower Lecithin  ¹  ²
Vegetable Powders (e.g. Organic and Non-GMO Beet Powder, Organic and Non-GMO Spinach Powder)

Please keep in mind that we also offer:

•    Natural Food Colors
•    Natural Cosmetic Colors
•    Natural Food Anti-Stick Products
•    Contract Blending of Natural Ingredients

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