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Coloreze™ Custom Colorants for Cosmetics and Personal Care

IFC Solutions specializes in custom cosmetic color concentrates that make the ‘challenge’ of coloring your products less complicated while saving you time.

Color Concentrates are made using FDA approved colorants; FD&C/D&C – Dyes & Lakes, Inorganics, ColorGlo™ Special Effect Pigments, ColorBrite™ Neons and Naturals & Certified Organic. These colorants are the foundation for the COLOREZE™ product lines. Products may be customized by format and physical properties.


Powders Blends – Dispersions – Pastes – Color Wafers™ – Color Bits™ – Powder Bits™

  • Powders are available blended for shade or with other ingredients, or as is.
  • Liquids & Dispersions – Pourable Color in the vehicle/carrier of choice
  • Pastes – Maximum amount of dispersed color
  • Powder Bits™ – Fine, pre-mixed color and medium that is easily measured and incorporated into a formulation

Vehicles Include:

Castor Oil – Mineral Oil – Glycerin – Butylene Glycol –  Propylene Glycol – Silicone – Hexadecene copolymer


  • Ease of Use
  • Color Consistency
  • Cost Effective
  • Portion Control
  • Less Messy
  • Reduced Dusting Hazard
  • Versatility of Color Incorporation

Color … Your Choice

Carrier … Your Choice

Format … Your Choice

Viscosity … Your Choice

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