COLOREZE™ Food Colors

IFC Solutions makes using color easier and less costly! We specialize in custom blending “Natural”, Certified Organic and/or FD&C Dyes & Pigments into FDA approved ingredients (such as glycerin, water, sucrose, vegetable oils, etc.).

We produce high quality, cost-effective color concentrates in a wide variety of formats designed to meet your specific manufacturing requirements. We are happy to match your existing colors or develop new shades to your specifications. There is no additional charge for custom formulations! Custom blends are our specialty – even small batches!

Food Release / Anti-Stick Products

IFC Solutions can solve your “sticky” processing problems! Confectionery production is often a continuous battle against sticking during various phases of manufacturing. Our Food Release Agents and Anti-Stick products are specifically formulated for a wide spectrum of applications to prevent your products from sticking to the surfaces they come into contact with during production. We specialize in developing custom formulations for any food application!

SUGAR-EEZ™ Sugar Dissolving Lubricant
SUGAR-EEZ™ is a unique food grade product that performs two distinct functions. It:

  • Dissolves sugar on equipment where there has already been a buildup.
  • Prevent sugar build up when applied to and maintained on your equipment.

NO-STICK “N”™ Conditioning Agent
When mixed into your product at the end of the cooking process, CONFECTO NO-STICK N™

  • Acts to minimize the negative effects of humid and hot conditions.
  • Works effectively to reduce stickiness in your finished product.
  • Extends product shelf life by absorbing moisture which leads to product degradation.

Specialty Lecithins

Including Allergen-Free, Non-GMO and Certified Organic Lecithins.

Available in Liquid and Powder formats

Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients:


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