Color Powder


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Powder Food Color Formats Available:

Unblended Powder Food Color (Dyes and Pigments)
Examples would be Beet Juice Powder, FD&C Red 40 Dye, Turmeric, FD&C Yellow 5 Aluminum Lake, Titanium Dioxide, ColorGlo™ Large Particle Pigment, etc.). While there are exceptions, our minimum pack size for an Unblended Powder Color is a 5 pound container

Powder Food Color Blends (Dyes and Pigments)
Made to order by blending a Powder Color with one or more additional colors, or with FDA approved Powder ingredients (e.g. Sugar, salt, corn starch, etc.). Due to blending equipment constraints, our minimum order size for a Powder Blend is 50 pounds.

Why Use Powder Food Color?

Food Color in Powder format is generally the best format for use in powder food products and is often the least costly of the food color formats. A little goes a very long way.

So why use anything else?

Many products (such as hard candy and taffy) require powdered color to be pre-dispersed in an appropriate carrying medium before introduction into the candy. Add powder dye to a batch of hot candy and the result will be powder specks in the finished product.

Powder is very, very messy! It is dusty and drifts everywhere. Unless your facility has sophisticated dust control system in place, wash down walls, and floor drains , Powder Color is generally not recommended if other formats of color can be used.

Because powder color is so concentrated, it is easier to err in applications which could results in thousands of pounds of your product being scrapped.

Let IFC Solutions’ experienced food color technicians work with you to determine if Powder Food Color would be appropriate from your requirements.



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