Color Paste

Paste Colors are manufactured by blending powder Dyes or Pigments into a variety of FDA-approved carrying agents (such as glycerin, propylene glycol, dextrose, sucrose, water, vegetable oil, etc.) to produce a uniform, viscous color concentrate that is preferred for many color applications.

Paste Colors can be made using:


Paste Colors are required when it is necessary to keep the color in position as it is being worked into the food or candy. Typical applications include taffy, hard candy, and cake decorating.

Paste Colors are preferred in applications where using a water based product is undesirable.


Less mess. IFC Solutions’ pre-blended concentrates are easier to use and less messy than powder food color.

Cost-effective – IFC pre-blended concentrates generate significant cost savings (upwards to 30%) compared to the cost of color concentrates marketed by the major color manufacturers.

Colors Available:

We have approximately a dozen off-the-shelf Paste Color formulations available for same day shipment. In addition, we specialize in developing custom blends to match your existing colors and to work with you on new formulations for your applications.


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