Food Color Format

COLOREZETM Food Color Formats

Our COLOREZE™ Food Colors are available in a number of Formats including:

Powder Dyes and Pigments Unblended. Choose from Natural / Organic / FD&C / Pearlescent
Powder Color Blends Made by blending any of the above Dyes or Pigments with FDA approved Powder ingredients (e.g. salt, sugar, dextrose, etc.) or with other Dyes/Pigments to create the desired shade.
Liquid Colors Water soluble solutions made from Dyes blended into FDA approved carriers.
Pigment Dispersions Made with non-soluble Pigments dispersed into vegetable oils (for fat based products) or suspensions for panning.
Paste Colors For applications that require a color concentrate that will stay in place when added to your product (e.g. taffy as it is being pulled).
ColorGlo™ Pearlescent colors. Add sparkle to your products.
Color Bits™ Specifically developed for the manufacture of batch process hard candy and taffy. Non-aqueous. Easy to use. Fast to disperse.

We will happily match your existing colors or develop new shades to your specifications. There is no additional charge for custom formulations!

Custom blends are our specialty – even small batches!

COLOREZE Food Color Offerings

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