Color Bits


COLOR BITS™ are revolutionary concept that result in the easiest, fastest, and most economical method for dispersing food color into molten candy!

IFC Solutions’ COLOR BITS™ are particles of food color concentrate that are made by thoroughly dispersing Food Color Dyes or Pigments into a unique blend of FDA approved ingredients to produce unique “bits” of color . When added directly to the molten candy mass, the COLOR BITS™ quickly melt and disperses rapidly into the candy producing vibrant color economically!

Benefits of Color Bits™:

Reduced labor costs! COLOR BITS™ are formulated to melt quickly and disperse evenly. Your operators will spend significantly less time working color into your candy!

Reduced raw material costs! COLOR BITS™ and COLOR FLAKES™ cost you less per batch than other food color concentrates because you use less.

Easy to handle and dispense! COLOR BITS™ and COLOR FLAKES™ are dry particles that flow freely, so measuring the correct amount of color for your batch is fast and easy. With the appropriately-sized scoop or measuring spoon, you may be able to eliminate pre-measuring color completely!

Less mess! Your operators can use COLOR BITS™ and COLOR FLAKES™ without getting color on their hands or gloves!

Color Bits™ Shades

We have a dozen stock shades of Color Bit™ available for same day shipping. In addition, custom blends can be made to your specifications (minimums apply).


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